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Fear of School

Fear of School

Is your child suffering from a fear of school?

The Barrie Hypnosis Centre in Barrie, Ontario can effectively treat fear of school with hypnotherapy

Scolionophobia, also known as Didaskaleinophobia, is an abnormal and persistent fear of school often caused by a negative past experience. Sufferers from scolionophobia experience undue anxiety about school. This phobia can become quite irrational if left untreated.

With school being back, some parents may find that their children have developed a fear of school.

The fear of school can be cured via hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Most phobias are a learned pattern of behaviour that has become anchored in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis helps to reprogram your mind using effective methods.

For more information on hypnotherapy for fear of school, or to arrange for a consultation, Call The Barrie Hypnosis Centre and arrange for a consultation to learn how hypnosis can help treat fear of school.

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